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Line Reader 2.8

This tool keeps your eyes focused on the current line in a long text document
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Line Reader is the application that offers a range of tools that can be of great help to any computer user. First of all, it becomes very useful when you have long text files and web documents to read. With the use of this utility you can supply your cursor with a special line that keeps your eyes focused on the current line in a long text. The line can be easily customized: you can change its alignment, color, width and length.

Besides, this application includes some other features. For example, there is a wonderful measuring tool that allows you to measure the distance between any two points on the screen. Using Line Reader, you can also add a small text message which appears near your mouse cursor. The reminder won’t let you forget about anything important. The magnifier tool allows to view zoomed screen area, selecting any color and changing its RGB, HSL, HEX and WEB codes. You can use the settings box to assign hot-key combinations in order to perform certain actions quickly. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t provided their product with the help file. Another disadvantage of Line Reader is its inconvenient interface.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Small size
  • Low price
  • Stable work


  • Inconvenient interface
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